Some good news for nurses

Hi All,


We have just advised our Australian clients of the revised registration requirements by the Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Please be aware that this is specifically for Nurses and providing the correct documentation can be supplied, regarding a minimum english background, for example: going to an english school, doing a qualification in an english medium institution, it is unlikely that they would be required to sit the IELTS exam.

Please do remember however, that you still may be required to sit the general IETS exams, in order to claim the necessary points to pass the relevant Residency pass mark in force at the time of the application currently 65 points.

Bottom line, it certainly makes the registration pathway easier, and once registered, you could look at doing a work visa, because getting a job should be easier, however, we would recommend, that whatever pathway you choose, you must be aware, that you should have lodged a residency application, before the changes come into effect in July 2012.


Free Cape Town Seminar

We will be holding a free seminar in Cape Town.

Date: Monday 7th November 2011

Time: 18.30-19.30

Venue: Southern Sun Newlands

Book now on 032 586 0306 of fill in the booking form below:






State Lists

Hi to all

Six of the expected new state lists are now out, and there have been some changes to them- mostly positive.
Email us your cv, or contact us on our office numbers and speak to Steve or Andy if your are a potential new client, or speak to our valued team if you are a current client, and find out if the lists affect you.
Please be aware, and I know I keep harping on this, preparing a case right through to be able to submit to Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) takes a positive skills assessment, a positive english result, and a positive state nomination. On average, this take around six months, so if you are going to Australia, you need to start NOW.
Contact us for information.

Increase in South African emigration

Hi all

Sorry about my lack of blogging – been incredibly busy travelling the country, assisting South Africans with their plans to emigrate.

I’ve lived in South Africa for 20 years (although I’ll always support the All Blacks…good luck in the Cup) but what I’m really noticing is the high unemployment in SA at the moment is making people who usually wouldn’t consider migration, think for the first time about opportunities in other countries.

As previously said, New Zealand and Australia especially, are actively seeking qualified individuals, mostly with the right to work (in other words, the correct visa), generally from the UK. We have highly skilled individuals in South Africa that if qualified, can generally quite easily find work in these countries.

Our political uncertainty is also a major reason for families to consider migration. With offices in both Johannesburg and Durban, and personal consultations performed throughout the country, I feel my organisation is well  – positioned to be able to assist you with this often complicated and costly procedure.

Please contact me personally or fill in the very basic online assessment and I will contact you.