A quick update

Hi All,

I will start blogging more regularly now, but haven’t been able to- due to the fact that I have been exceptionally worried about my All Black teams pathway to the final.

I know it is not over yet, but “Go the Kiwis”!

We have, as you are possibly aware, started to get a big interest in seminars again- and I have enjoyed doing them again. The beauty about a seminar, is that it give free advice, and outlines the exact pathway to obtaining all different types of Visa’s. Coming up is: Joburg, Durban, PE, Richards Bay, Cape Town and Pietermaritzburg.

Please remember, that for a free skills assessment, go to our Skills assessment page, and we will outline, for free, the procedures, costs and time frames.



Free Durban Seminar

We will be holding another Durban Seminar.


Date: Saturday 29th October 2011

Time: 10.30-11.30 am

Venue: Protea Hotel Edward

Book now on 032 586 0306 or fill in the booking form below.




Technical Nightmare

Hi to all,

Our sincerest apologies to those of you who have been attempting to log onto our website over the past week or so, we have obviously had a major technical glitch, which we have thankfully fixed.

Just a quick update, we are starting to run seminars again Nationally. In fact, the first one is this Saturday, the 24th of September from 8.30am-9.30am at the Protea Edward Hotel in Durban. You can book by completing the booking form on the previous entry.

We are also doing Pietermaritzburg on Monday the 26th at 6.30pm-7.30pm at the Imperial Hotel. Again, please book online, or contact Storm on 032 586 0306.

We will be announcing tomorrow, an ongoing partnership with an Australian recruitment company, dedicated to assisting South African’s with gaining Visa’s, both work and permanent to Australia. We will post this on our site, and once again, please feel free to contact us for further information.

I point out, and will continue to point out, that those families and individuals, wishing to emigrate, especially to Australia and New Zealand, should be preparing applications soonest, and submitting them to the relevant authorities, because once applications are received for residency, if the rules change at all, the application will not be affected, as it has already been submitted.

New Zealand slightly changed their rules in July, and Australia are constantly doing so, especially next year.

Contact us for further information!

Signing off today, you will be pleased to see that I am wearing my Boks shirt, even though I am an avid New Zealand supporter, being born and bred in ‘Kiwiland’.


Increase in South African emigration

Hi all

Sorry about my lack of blogging – been incredibly busy travelling the country, assisting South Africans with their plans to emigrate.

I’ve lived in South Africa for 20 years (although I’ll always support the All Blacks…good luck in the Cup) but what I’m really noticing is the high unemployment in SA at the moment is making people who usually wouldn’t consider migration, think for the first time about opportunities in other countries.

As previously said, New Zealand and Australia especially, are actively seeking qualified individuals, mostly with the right to work (in other words, the correct visa), generally from the UK. We have highly skilled individuals in South Africa that if qualified, can generally quite easily find work in these countries.

Our political uncertainty is also a major reason for families to consider migration. With offices in both Johannesburg and Durban, and personal consultations performed throughout the country, I feel my organisation is well  – positioned to be able to assist you with this often complicated and costly procedure.

Please contact me personally or fill in the very basic online assessment and I will contact you.

Help New Zealand rebuild Christchurch

Being a New Zealander I was, as with the rest of the world, devastated at Christchurch’s earthquake. As workers clean up the mess, starting 2012 (which is just around the corner), Christchurch will need between 4000-8000 jobs filled.

Construction workers, demolition specialists, welders, plumbers, carpenters, builders and others are some of the types of workers required for the rebuilding process. In fact at the moment, one recruitment agency is actively seeking to recruit over 40 civil engineers. We are in a position in South Africa, with the skills that we have here, to help New Zealand rebuild this beautiful city.

Contact us for more information.

Rugby World Cup 2011

The next edition of the World Cup is almost upon us with the Springboks getting ready for a serious defense of their title as World Champions. The All Blacks though have to start as overwhelming favourites and maybe this time they’ll be able to get over the finish line.

The tournament though promises to be a spectacular event and Kiwis are embracing the tournament quite positively. Games scheduled for Christchurch have been moved around the country, but the good news to fans in that area is the recent launch of the Christchurch Fanzone and Festival.

There will also be a RWC Roadshow around the country that aims to drum up as much support as possible, though with a rugby-mad country like NZ, that won’t be too hard.

With a massive amount of visitors expected for the duration of the tournament, NZ is poised to host an excellent event and really offer fans a taste of Kiwi hospitality.

On the local front, we’re gearing up for the semi finals of the Super 15 with two fantastic matches to look forward to. Reds vs the Blues and the Stormers host the Crusaders. Pity about the Sharks and the ‘Tahs but the semi’s should be a cracker!