Increase in South African emigration

Hi all

Sorry about my lack of blogging – been incredibly busy travelling the country, assisting South Africans with their plans to emigrate.

I’ve lived in South Africa for 20 years (although I’ll always support the All Blacks…good luck in the Cup) but what I’m really noticing is the high unemployment in SA at the moment is making people who usually wouldn’t consider migration, think for the first time about opportunities in other countries.

As previously said, New Zealand and Australia especially, are actively seeking qualified individuals, mostly with the right to work (in other words, the correct visa), generally from the UK. We have highly skilled individuals in South Africa that if qualified, can generally quite easily find work in these countries.

Our political uncertainty is also a major reason for families to consider migration. With offices in both Johannesburg and Durban, and personal consultations performed throughout the country, I feel my organisation is well  – positioned to be able to assist you with this often complicated and costly procedure.

Please contact me personally or fill in the very basic online assessment and I will contact you.


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