Network Migration

Are you considering migrating to Australia, Canada or New Zealand? If so, then let Network Migration Services assist you with 20 years of our professional service and expert knowledge that will guide you in every step of the way.

The process of migration has become a very sensitive decision.  Many countries have made immigration requirements complex, and therefore created a need for professional consultancies like ours, to assist individuals and families with full relocation.

How do I qualify?  There are several visa options available to you and your family in order for you to qualify for permanent residency.

Skilled Migrant Visa Category – These visas are for people with qualifications and work experience. There are a number of visas available in this category and they usually allow you to live and work anywhere you like in your country of choice. You do not need family or employer sponsorship. These visas work on a points system, and you need to have a degree, three year diploma or a trade certificate.

Business/Investor Visa Category – These visas are available to current business owners or senior executives who can show they have the ability to purchase and successfully run a business.

Parent Visa Category – If you have children living in Australia, Canada or New Zealand then you may be eligible to apply for parent migration.

Family Sponsorship – These visas are available to people who have close family members living in Australia, Canada or New Zealand. These visas are only available to skilled migrants who have qualifications and work experience.

Partner Visa Category – There are several visas in this category for spouse, de facto, fiancé and interdependent partner migration.

Other visas include: Child migration, Study Visa, Work permits, talent visas, State sponsorship (Australia) and Last Remaining Relative.

Please contact us to find out more for free telephonic advice or an individual consultation with a registered migration agent.


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